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Gateway is a multicultural, nondenominational, Full Gospel church. Our mission is to introduce a loving God to everyone. Our worship service will help you to experience the love of God. We teach Bible in a simple straight forward way to help you grow in the love of God. When you are ready, our internal and external ministry teams are designed to give you opportunities to share the love of God with others.

Gateway is a friendly church where we accept everyone with open arms. Our slogan says it all: 'Come just as you are...become like Him'. We do not judge people for their past mistakes. We believe that all of us have made our share of mistakes. Since the Bible teaches us that God delights in 'mercy more than sacrifice' (Hosea 6:6), our stand is the same.

We believe being a Christian is embracing the lifestyle promoted in the Bible. Therefore, all of us need to regularly study the Bible. We ask people to come and study the Bible with us so that we can learn to live as it teaches us. We also know that it is a journey from spiritual infancy to maturity and that this process takes time. So we invite you to be part of this journey.

Bible is the standard for everything we do in Gateway. So the only requirement for the people who want to be part of Gateway is that they be willing to submit to the teachings of the Bible. You are welcome to come and attend our services and grow in the knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ, without being pressured into anything.

Our stand on faith issues is based on Bible only. (Details are given on 'Our Beliefs' page).

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