Sunny & Mercy Philip  Lead Pastors

God started calling Pastor Sunny into ministry in 1986. He refused because he had gone away from God and was ashamed of the failures in his life. But God of second chances assured him with the stories of Peter and Jonah and he surrendered his life for ministry. He wanted to do it along with his professional life. But God intervened again and he finally surrendered to the call for full time ministry in 1994.(Details are in his book, Building With Burned Bricks.)

When God was compelling him to enter into full time ministry, Pastor Sunny asked God what He wanted him to do. The answer was, 'Comfort my people.' So the main focus of Dr. Philips ministry is bringing healing and restoration to Gods people. His God given messages always bring comfort and encourage people. His books and articles do the same.

Since 1988, Dr. Philip has served as a Pastor. Currently he serves as the senior Pastor of the multi- cultural Gateway Christian Center in Valley Stream, NY.

He was also used by God to start the Global Network of Christian Indian Leaders (GONCIL), a leadership network for Indian Christian ministers scattered around the globe. It conducts leadership development conferences in different nations. 

He has a B.S. in Chemistry from Kerala University, India; a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Polytechnic University in New York, an M.A. in Practical Theology from Trinity College, IN and a Honorary Doctorate in Christian Education from Freedom Theological Seminary in Rogers, AK.

Pastor Mercy Philip is the wife and ministry partner of our Senior Pastor, Dr. Sunny Philip. She hails from a family with a tremendous spiritual heritage. For four generations, her family has been stewards of Pentecostal heritage in India and around the world. Her father came to study in a Bible College in USA in 1962 and after his graduation ministered both in India and USA for the rest of his life. He brought his family to New York in 1974. Since then Mercy is a New Yorker. She is an ardent student of the Bible and ministers with a passion for the word of God. She is affectionately called Mercymamma by all nationalities in Gateway, which is a respectful way of addressing an older female in South India.

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Dr. Achoy Mathews

Pastor Dr. Achoy Amthews is a Senior Minister with over five decades of church ministry. In his senior years, he and his wife have chosen to be part of Gateway. He was born in India and is one of the first Indian Christians to come to USA to study in a Bible College. He is a New Yorker since 1960s. He served as the pastor of the pioneer Indian church in New York. Later, in obedience to God's call, he stepped out by faith to start multicultural churches. 

In Gateway, Pastor Achoy serves as  a father figure to other ministers. 


Tel: 718-343-2233

Email: achoymathews@aol.com


     Janet Kennedy  Intercession/ Women's Ministry

Minister Janet Kennedy was born on the island of Jamaica in the West Indies. She migrated to the United States at the age of eight and has lived the majority of her adult life on Long Island. As a member of Gateway Christian Center she is currently part of the intercessory team and women's ministry whilst contributing her time to other ministries in the church. The motto Janet lives by is Luke 6:38. In addition to being a spirit led individual, she is also a very business oriented person who has had over fifteen years of retail management experience and is presently a licensed cosmetologist.

https://files.stablerack.com/WebFiles/84748/Phone.png  347-276-6140
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    Pastor Emmanuel Asse  Pastor for Community Outreach

Pastor Emmanuel Asse was born on November 2, 1974 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He learned how to worship and praise God, from a young and tender beginning. Growing up in a Christian family with a deep foundation of the word and fear of God, formed a very strong foundation of his preaching ministries. Emmanuel rejected the call of ministry on his life for many years, but in 2002  he rededicated his life to the Lord and came to the revelation that what God had for him was far more superior than what the world could offer. He enrolled in Mt. Olive Bible College and obtained a bachelor degree of theology.

Pastor Emmanuel work with people of diverse ethnic and economic backgrounds, guiding and supporting them to cope with various family problems and life challenges. He is very active in community affairs and work closely with politicians and law enforcement agencies along with other community leaders.
At Gateway, Pastor Emmanuel serves as the Minister of Community Outreach and is instrumental in aiding Gateway's effort to be a blessing to the communities it serve.

https://files.stablerack.com/WebFiles/84748/Phone.png  646-685-1233


    Vivekananda Deodat  Missions Director

Minister Vivekananda Deodat or Minister Vic as he is affectionately called was born in Guyana and was a school teacher there before he immigrated to USA. Here he started his life working in the Wall Street until the crisis in 2008. That was a turbulent time in his life. But God visited his family with a divine miracle in thelife of a family member and used it to bring him back to faith. Today, Minister Vic is totally sold out for Jesus. He is very passionate about his faith. He is passionate about souls. That passion is well represnted in his service to this church as the Missions Director. 

Under his leadership our mission work has grown and flourished. Today Gateway give covering to over 300 ministers who serve in 405 fellowships in North India. They have seen more than 30,000 people come to Christ. 

Gateway also support a church in Pakistan, assist with children's programs and feeding programs in other areas. 

 https://files.stablerack.com/WebFiles/84748/Phone.png  917-270-1720
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Minerva Colon/ Intercession.

Minister Minierva Colon was born in Puerto Rico and came over tot he main land as a young girl. She has lived in New York ever since. She was taught to pray and intercede by her grandmother. As she went through different experiences in life and received deliverance, she realized the power of prayer first hand. Later it became a passion and alife style for her. 

Gateway call her 'the intercessor in chief.' As a woman of God who does not mind to spend the wee hours of the morning on her knees, Minister Minerva is a great blessing to everyone in Gateway. She also works with other ministers and sisters to set up prayer vigils. 

Despite all of these, she finds time to help out in the hospitality team. 

Tel: 516-325-3054

Email: lmcolon123@gmail.com





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